You know better than we do just what a key component distributions can be to your product support strategies including store and field sales support for new product introductions, new or refresh point-of sale materials, communications to a customer install base, and other pushes to a key target audience. We're ready to support tight processing turnarounds and inventory handling to meet critical delivery windows.

Information flow is vital

Direct Avenue will give you proactive account management and make key status reporting available to you 24/7 via the web. We can maintain your distribution databases or receive data from you in virtually any electronic format. We will accurately process even the most complex distribution and ensure that each recipient gets exactly what they should when they should.

  • You and your customers get what you need, when you need it
  • Managed distribution inventory including segregated pre-release hold, reserve active stock, and receiving of last minute materials
  • Flexibility in receiving and maintaining your distribution list database
  • 100% visibility of all orders including order details and order tracking via the web
  • Optimized freight costs including master packing and carrier selections
  • Reduced time required to monitor and manage activity
  • Flexible schedule to meet your deadlines
  • Lower distribution costs